High quality Steel-frame prefabricated buildings

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Manufactured homes are by no means limited to straight 'clinical' lines, unimaginative designs and 'basic boxes' . . . 

Although the global trend is very much towards 'modern and contemporary' styles, featuring free-flowing light-filled interiors and open spaces. . . that doesn't mean it applies to everyone, and everywhere. 

Classical exteriors can still have contemporary interiors, or indeed remain independently styled or traditional throughout.  

Very much with a 'suburban southern England' feel, this tree-lined steel-frame prefabricated housing development is a perfect example of our flexibility.

iPrefab Global's prefabricated house constructions really do meet the requirements and desires of the most discerning and varied of clients, world-wide.

For one oriental owner in this development, he has retained an extremely classical elegance throughout the interior. As the following images clearly show.  

Or the Modern Style Approach . . .

For another client, the exterior retained a relatively 'traditional' format, but as these few project images reveal, the interior has a very contemporary approach. In all instances in seems, non are how most seem to perceive (or expect) a prefabricated house, modular house or manufactured home to look!
A very definite case of 'Changing Perceptions'.
With this quality and freedom of expression, isn't it time to start imagining how your new prefabricated home could be?
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