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Of paramount importance to us, is quality and service.

The assembly elements of our modular homes, prefabricated houses and manufactured buildings are made of High-strength corrosion resistant steel, with the walls, floors, roof and all construction elements being fully accredited (e.g. ISO 9001:2008, globally compliant to EN1090-1, TEK10 - Norway, snow loading etc.) and insulated in excess of all current building regulations and requirements for both thermal and acoustic performance.

Our steel frame structures carry a 50 year Warranty.  

The basis for the system is a variety of high-tensile, steel manufactured items that have been fully developed, tested and approved. When combined, they can create a wide spectrum of building shapes and can be adapted to suit any plans, designs or end-user requirements.

iPrefab Global steel-frame structures are based on a professional U.S. technique, providing a quick and economical solution for large buildings (direct span of 15m-50m) and with standing-seam technology for secure waterproof roofs. 


The substantial high performance external walls are available with a wide selection of insulation and load strength qualities and capabilities. 

External walls are available in three general thicknesses. (Although subject to specification  / special requirements) Those being: 150mm (6"), 190-200mm (7.5") and  240mm (9.5") in thickness, (excluding additional finishes etc.) and as specified, to the appropriate U-factor. (Various insulation levels as required per location/end use are available with all options.)

The make-up in the highest specification format comprises in it's simplest terms, a central corrosion resistant High Tensile Steel frame with a double inner core of 2 x 70mm RockWool insulation. Plus 2 outer layers of 50mm High Density Rockwool sandwiched between two structural skins of 10mm OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and 10mm MGO. (Magnesium Oxide Board - Environmentally friendly. Resistant to water, fire, rot, freezing and termites.) 

This combination forms a very rigid structure with excellent insulation and fire resistant qualities. 

The numerous layers, and the inclusion of items such as both wind and vapour barriers, breather membranes etc, all increasing the strength and insulation qualities to form an environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient building.  -  Internal damp and mildew-forming spores etc. is now a thing of the past. 

Perfect for a far healthier environment. (Especially important for those with respiratory issues.)

Internal walls are generally between 100mm and 170mm (4.00" - 6.8") in thickness (subject to individual requirements, structural/architectural specifications and end uses.) With the exception of the windproof membranes and vapour barriers, they are similarly well insulated.

Assembly is simple, fast and safe utilising standard slab* foundation systems, strip and beam foundations. 

(Even using 'Excavation free' 'Surefoot' foundations systems. -  Requiring absolutely NO excavation.  -  Please contact us for additional information.)

*Subject to design, topography and geotechnic survey reports.  -  Our constructions are on average, only 25% of the weight of traditional 'brick and block'.

The advanced manufacturing design allows for rapid erection incorporating low-tech, fail-safe locking mechanisms. Individual panels are completely pre-formed in the factory.  -  Steel-frame only panels at also available as specified or required, for reduce weight in transportation. 

If required, complete 'modules' can be fully equipped before arrival on site.  Please ask for greater details of our 'container/module' home options)

Our prefabricated panellised and modular houses have many advantages including energy conservation, and can be supplied to be seismic (earthquake) and cyclone/wind (e.g. hurricane) zone compliant and with snow-loading capabilities.

As a direct result of the advanced level of completion and quality control system at the manufacturing plant, less specialised labour is required during the construction process, and accordingly reduces dependency on increasingly scarce (and more expensive) locally supplied skilled labour. 

Overseen by at least one of our Chief Engineers. (With, and subject to project and location, additional support labour possibly available, on request).

The rapid completion period also ensures projects are not governed, dependent or restricted by 'working / weather seasons'.