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More than just Prefabricated Buildings . . . . .

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iPrefab Global are not restricted to just high specification modular prefabricated houses, hotels, apartments, commercial buildings, retail developments and leisure resorts . . . . .  

VOLUMETRIC -  Fully Modular, (PPVC) plus Flat-pack, Fold-up and Quick Assembly solutions are all part of our supply portfolio.

Introducing Mission modular.     iPrefab Global's specialist modular division.

3D VOLUMETRIC Modular Homes

or PPVC (Prefabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction)

A long name, for what results in very short delivery to completion times!

3D Modular is an entirely different format of supply, and is NOT to be confused with our 2D Prefabricated Buildings.

3-Dimensional Steel structure modules. 

They are obviously still 'prefabricated', but VOLUMETRIC (PPVC) is one very individual and specialised sector of the industry, utilising the latest in advanced 3D manufacturing technology, with all in-factory elements being completed to a far greater degree than that of a correctly termed 'prefabricated house'.  

iPrefab Global's Advanced-stage 2D Prefabricated method relates essentially to the supply of all large format fully completed entire wall sections and prefabricated bespoke elements.

3D Modular however relates to the manufacture, supply and delivery of entire and completed 3 dimensional sections (modules) of your house*.

Thus reducing time on site, (and labour costs) enabling the total and very rapid completion of high quality, imaginative and bespoke design, permanent residential, vacation and commercial buildings, of all heights and sizes.       From just a few modules, to literally 100's.

Our 3-Dimensional Technology 

In brief, and in the case of houses, (for example) the vast majority on internal fixtures and fittings (kitchens, bathrooms, storage, internal walls and basic internal decor etc) is pre-fitted, installed and finished in the modules, within the controlled environment of our production facility.

Complete structures comprising of a number of such modules, individually delivered, then subject to the total size and building design, and if applicable, interconnected, joined and/or stacked on site.   (*Subject to design, a 180m2 house possibly requiring just 5 such modules.)

With final internal finishing, external decor and cladding etc rapidly and easily completed on site, frequently in just a few weeks. (Subject to project size)

This is Next Generation building solutions.


Fast, Flexible, Energy Efficient and Economic.

So 3D or 2D? To learn more of which would be the best solution for your project . . . Call us today:   +34 664 358 403    

   3D Modular for commercial projects.  Hotels, student apartments, lodges, showrooms, restaurants, retail units, site accommodation . . 


Although not specifically restricted to, for less demanding designs and end requirements, plus maximum economy in shipping there is always:

Flat-pack, Fold-up and Quick Assembly Cabins  (for both permanent and temporary solutions)

Speed of use was a key factor, as opposite: 

A 1,000m2 simple design, quick-assembly construction. 

This 3 level Children's Hospital Rehabilitation Centre was erected and operational in just 15 days!

Although starting from some 'key' sizes, (based on 'container' dimensions) Flat-Pack, Fold-up and Quick-Assembly Cabins can also be joined, stacked, can include internal partitions, or formed to include large internal open spaces.  All for both permanent and re-sitable applications.   -  Custom sizes are also available.

We will of course be more than pleased to receive your requests and requirements, and to provide some suggestions for your individual project.

A guide quotation according to your supplied plans, requirements and specifications can also be provided.  

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