High quality Steel-frame prefabricated buildings

What will be Included /Supplied with your Prefabricated Home?

Your new home can be delivered to include pretty much everything . . . . 

                                                  . . . . From top to bottom, and all that you'll need inside too.

(Unless you request otherwise.)

All of our generally included components, fixtures, fittings and finish are of a high quality and specification. Our 'Budget-friendly' selection is most popular, with only a few clients ever wishing to upgrade. 

Although the opportunity is always available.

Such as maybe specifying some individual bespoke elements or choices. 

(Specialised lighting, all-glass stairs or electric 'frosting / tinting' glass for example.)

Structural: Apart from our obviously including every modular structural wall panel, (both exterior and interior) ceiling and roof panels - all of which are highly insulated for both thermal and acoustic performance, plus the protective vapour barriers etc, it also means choices of roof materials, finishes and colours.    

Finishes: Plus choices of external wall finishes and colours too. 

Such as plain render, textured stucco, brick detail, cultured stone cladding, fibre cement contemporary panels, or natural timber siding.     -      Maybe combinations of each . . .

Windows: Numerous choices of double-glazed windows and door systems, and loads of exterior and interior doors in various materials,  (e.g. Thermal break PVC, aluminium, wood) and of courses styles -     

Sliding, bi-fold, corner butt, tilt and turn, full height, casement . . . 

. . . Then of course options of items such as electric garage doors to be considered and chosen.

Flooring: There's internal floor finishes to think about, such as choices of marble, laminate, wood block or ceramic . . . . . 

Stairs: Options of different types of stairways. 

An element that really can make a strong statement in any home. In steel, glass, traditional wood, spiral, contemporary . . .

Less obvious at first thought . . . . smaller details such as taps and faucets etc.

Kitchens & Bathrooms: It goes without saying there are numerous specification levels, choices, styles and colour options of fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms now readily available.  From budget-friendly to extremely high-end. 

In addition to the ranges we are pleased to offer, clients are increasingly wanting the total freedom of have these rooms locally designed, and then seeing and selecting their own materials, fixtures and finishes accordingly.    We welcome the receipt of your final kitchen or bathroom plans.       

The cost with all these high quality fully included choices?

Less is seems than everyone expects!

As every house we manufacture is totally different, and for varying global conditions, with vasty varying structural and thermal requirements and specifications, there can obviously be no 'fixed' price, or even guide prices. (Unlike the many 'pre-designed' house suppliers who would use the same specification for a house, irrespective of climate, humidity, geological or geographic location.)

But our calculations although not limited to, start primarily from the m2 constructed size, + specification and number of levels. 

Generalising prices, (e.g initial guide prices) for a totally unknown project we have found from experience, can frequently be potentially misleading.     Which is of no benefit to you.

We prefer to deal in facts, and will at the earliest opportunity, provide you with an initial guide price.

If you have a target budget, please advise us of it with your initial inquiry, and we will be pleased to guide you accordingly. 

  • Our Manufacture and Supply price means exactly that.   It includes all the above . . . .

       But it does not include delivery or any construction or ground-work related elements.