High quality Steel-frame prefabricated buildings

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In excess of 90% of materials used in our buildings can be recycled.  

Our rapid method of construction and essentially dry installation similarly saves around 90% of the water consumption of traditional methods of construction. 

Environmentally friendly materials are used throughout the manufacturing and building process.

Benefitting from the Environment

The structural technology throughout all of our buildings themselves play a vitally important part in both their eco and energy efficiency, and of course your year-round living comfort.

All of our high-specification houses automatically include high levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and double glazing. But you may wish to include a few extra's. 

Such as solar powered, water-based under-floor heating systems, (individually room controllable) photovoltaic energy cells, triple glazing or rain-water harvesting, and geothermal heating / cooling to add to your sustainable energy efficiency. 


Solar Heating  

  • Solar Energy Capture
  • Free re-usable energy source.
  • Provides sufficient daily hot water.
  • Emission free-heating.
  • A source of free hot water for not just daily use, but for radiators and underfloor heating too. 

Photovoltaic Cells

  • Low maintenance, with no moving or wearing parts.
  • Roof mounted (or ground)  -  Electricity from Daylight
  • Sell surplus to your energy supplier. (Subject to country and provider)
  • Just a 10m2 photovoltaic collector can generate 25% of the average consumption.  

Double & Triple Glazing 

(Double glazing systems provided as standard.)

  • Reduces heat loss.
  • Provides sound insulation.
  • High quality units and exacting installation ensures no heat loss occurs.


Underfloor heating

  • Uniform heating throughout.
  • No visible installations. 
  • Water based 
  • Being at lower operating water temperature, it is cheaper than conventional forms of radiators. 


Rainwater harvesting    

  • Free water supply.
  • Simple installation. 
  • Cheap to instal. 
  • Additional Purification systems available.


Geothermal Energy

  • Transfers heat direct from the ground.
  • For Central heating. 
  • For Cooling.