High quality Steel-frame prefabricated buildings

Wherever in the World you maybe . . . . 

                                          Integrated Technology STEEL-FRAME Prefabricated Modular Construction.    

                                                                                                                         BUILDING the DREAM

Steel. THE building material of the future:  Exceptional strength. Durable. Recyclable. Economy in shipping. Environmentally / Eco friendly in construction.

Two construction formats to suit your requirements:

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2-D Prefabricated Houses   RAMS -  (read on)

Rapid Assembly Modular Structures

   Every project Individually Manufactured . . . .                                                   
                                                       . . . . to Your Own House Design and Specifications

No restriction on style or concept.    -    No 'ready made' components.    -    No choosing from a brochure

Time Saving    -   Energy Efficient    -    Cost Effective    -     Ecologically Sustainable    -    Worldwide Supplied

TECHNOLOGY (click here)

 . . . . iPrefab Global have done it again!

Never prepared to accept that just being the best is good enough . . . 

With our constant focus on innovation and progress, and a policy of research, development and advancement, iPrefab Global's RAMS - Integrated Technology modular wall system has taken both specifications, and the speed* of on-site construction to whole new levels of efficiency and quality. 

Off-site solutions for on-site efficiency.

(*All ground floor walls quite feasibly erected / constructed in just a day or so!)


Addressing the global demand for very rapidly completed, economic, exceptional quality, made-to-order, (bespoke) modular homes & prefabricated homes, for both individual clients and developers. 

Luxury villas or Affordable Housing.

Hotels, Apartments and Commercial warehouses

to Camp accommodation, Container buildings, Quick-assembly, Flat-pack, Fold-up and Temporary housing.

 -   Off-Site Building Solutions   -

iPrefab Global offer you total house design freedom, for imaginative, energy efficient buildings, all with high specifications, and utilising advanced steel-frame construction, RAMS 2D modular panellised technology and 3D volumetric build, both producing environmentally friendly prefab buildings.  

  • Unique combinations in the modular homeprefabricated house, and manufactured buildings industry.      
  • Delivering exceptional value for money, yet always without compromise on global regulations, materials or quality.

The quick and efficient ways to build your new high quality, high specification, modular or prefab dream house.

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Cost savings are a bonus to everyone, but there are far more benefits than that.

Our Modular & Prefab Building Advantages include:

  •  100% home design freedom
  •  Rapid completion times
  •  High specifications throughout
  •  Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Direct from conventional architect plans
  • For ALL global / climatic conditions
  • Hurricane and Earthquake zone compliant
  • ISO 9001:2009, EN1090-2, TEK10 etc.
  • High spec. thermal and acoustic insulation 
  • Factory-sealed pre-manufactured panels
  • Standard slab, strip or 'Surefoot' foundations
  • No wasted materials

Prefabricated Homes and Modular Homes are NOT the same.

Prefabricated homes are nothing new. -  Often referred to as 'manufactured' homes, - and sometimes mistakenly as 'Modular' homes.

(Remember, we do both formats.)

 But high quality, steel-frame 2D Modular Prefabricated homes, and 3D Fully Modular (Volumetric) houses, both individually manufactured to your exact design and specifications are definitely something new!

iPrefab Global have completely reinvented the concept of both 'prefabricated homes' and 'modular homes'.  -  To such a degree, that our individually manufactured steel-frame homes are already accepted by many leading global architects and developers, as the building method of the future.   

   Advanced off-site Building Solutions

                                                                                                                                                                                     Have an idea / want to know more? 

2D or 3D.  From Plans to Keys quickly & efficiently***

*** Subject to project size and complexity, but 3D can be in as little as 6 weeks.     2D can be in as little as 3 months.  

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We treat every customer and inquiry, individually.    
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Modular houses, prefabricated homes and villas, plus commercial buildings of all shapes, sizes, designs and application.  Fully-completed modular homes, and buildings, completed in-factory, delivered for immediate use.  All available to the highest building specification imaginable.

And always exceeding the demands and expectations of the most discerning of clients. With quality way in excess of the average 'conventional' or 'traditional' build, anywhere in the world . . . And with the added bonus of frequently achieving up to 80% time saving, 70% labour, and 40% overall cost reduction (country to country specific) over conventional / traditional (brick and block) construction. 

Save more . . . . Or build bigger for the same budget!

* Please note:  For maximum overall economy, a minimum size of 120m2 Living area for 2D Prefabricated homes is generally advised for individual 'one-off' supply projects.   Please feel free to contact us.  

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